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Kerri Anderson's exciting new book, "Franco & Grubber and The Pearls of Nebulus" is now on sale. To get your hands on a copy signed by the author, all you need to do is click the button below and follow the instructions. The book is currently in paperback format only (160 pages).

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Who are we?

Boarstone Publishing is a new, small independent publisher based in the Highlands of Scotland. Our portfolio includes hilarious fiction novels by Kerri Anderson and a range of music books containing refreshing new musical compositions by Hilary de Vries in collaboration with expert harpist Bill Taylor and acclaimed poet Kenneth Steven.

Books will be available in various formats, paper, DVD (PDF) and ebook.

Franco & Grubber will soon be available as an ebook. Please check this website for further details.

If you are interested in re-selling our books, please click the link below and fill out the online form.

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